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Dr. Anike Ugochukwu


Dr. Anike Ugochukwu is a family physician with over 20 years of experience. He has worked in several countries including Nigeria, South Africa and Canada. His passion for medicine began when he was 11 years old shortly after his mother died at the young age of 43. From then Dr. Ugochukwu decided he was going to pursue a career in family medicine to help people. His philosophy in medicine is to prevent and detect ill health at its earliest stage while a cure is available and effective


He completed his graduate degree in Nigeria and later moved to South Africa where he pursued postgraduate training in family medicine. In South Africa, he worked in many hospitals in various capacities contributing immensely to comprehensive, coordinated and continued care of the community and province at large.


He headed the Department of Medicine in his institution and was actively involved in teaching medical students and postgraduates. He received many awards and is also a published researcher in the African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine.

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Dr. Anike Ugochukwu

Family Physician


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