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Our Impact

 Our Impact through the years

​We provided essential primary care to the community, and in one year, we registered approximately 5000 patients, not including an additional 1100 on our waitlist. While some facilities closed during the pandemic we continued to provide in-person visits, treating over 2000 patients. With primary care as our foundation, we contributed to cancer prevention and screening with 100+ pap tests and 250+ colorectal cancer screenings. We responded to the COVID-19 vaccine initiative by holding weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinics and administering 200+ doses. We completed 300+ well-baby visits and administered 100+ baby immunizations through our pediatric services. Additionally, we supported the BIPOC community by providing culturally relevant and sensitive care.

Restore Medical Clinics is a multidisciplinary clinic that aims to provide comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate care to the community in one location. On April 12, 2021, Restore Medical Clinics opened to the public. Over the last year, amidst the pandemic, multiple physician retirements, and practice closures, we saw the need and responded.

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