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Dr. Danielle Brown-Shreves

MBBS, CCFP, MSc. Global Health

Dr. Danielle Brown-Shreves is a family physician with a passion for serving others. She aims to touch humankind through medicine. Dr. Brown-Shreves is a graduate of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, where she also completed her undergraduate studies. In 2006, she graduated with a joint Bachelor of Medicine, and Bachelor of Surgery. Dr. Brown-Shreves trained at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Family Medicine during her residency. Years later she decided to pursue her passion for global health at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she completed her Master of Science in Global Health.

She practised at Lakeridge Health Hospital in Bowmanville, Ontario from 2012 to 2021. In April 2021,

Dr. Brown-Shreves opened a multidisciplinary medical clinic in the heart of Ottawa, ON. She is the CEO and founder of Restore Medical Clinics. Her practice is focused on providing comprehensive, collaborative and compassionate care to the community with an emphasis on vulnerable populations. 

In addition to her clinical accomplishments, she has various academic achievements. In 2016, she was appointed an assistant professor at Queen’s University Department of Family and Community Medicine in Kingston, ON. In this role, she is an avid preceptor and supports many students throughout their training. In 2022, she was promoted to the Health Equity Lead at Queen’s University. In 2022, she was appointed an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine where she hopes to continue supporting medical students and future family physicians.


Dr. Brown-Shreves is also an involved community member. In 2018, she founded the Restore International Foundation, a non-profit organisation to support low- and middle-income families with limited health care access. The foundation has participated in both local and international missions. In 2018 and -19, the foundation completed medical missions in Jamaica. Since the pandemic, the foundation has increased local mission work including Operation Restore Warmth and collaborations with the African Caribbean Black Wellness Centre. Lastly, in 2021, she was appointed Ottawa’s Lead Physician of the Black Health Vaccine Initiative. Alongside a team of physicians and support workers, she has provided accessible COVID-19 vaccinations with an emphasis on minorities.


Dr. Danielle Brown-Shreves

Founder & CEO

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