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Travel Clinic

Specializing in travel medicine

Restore Medical Clinics provides services for all of your travel needs. Expert healthcare practitioners do all travel consultations with many years of experience in Travel Medicine. We are a Designated Yellow Fever Centre approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

i need to book an appointment

Request an appointment today through our patient booking portal.

Preparing for your visit

All Ontario patients are required to present a valid OHIP card at every visit. Non-OHIP patients are welcome and our staff will assist you with the registration process.


schedule visit

Contact us via telephone or email to schedule an appointment. Please confirm your health card number and telephone number when booking. 

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Bring a valid OHIP card, or payment information, a list of current medications and the required forms

(if applicable).

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Upon arrival, check-in with the receptionist and complete the COVID-19 self assessment.


start your appointment

Restore Medical Clinics' medical staff will welcome you and prepare you for your visit with the physician.

offered services

Patients are welcome to schedule an appointment with a doctor to accommodate any of the following services: 

  • Yellow Fever Immunization

  • Common Travel Vaccines Immunizations 

  • Malaria Medication

  • Travelers' Diarrhea Kits

Travel Appointment Fees **** Please Review


New Traveler - $55 for the first family member, $20 for an additional family member; with a maximum of $75 for the immediate family member attending the same appointment.

Repeat Traveler – (Seen by RMC in the clinic) - $20 per person

Immunization Only – For all who have had an appointment with an RMC doctor


Travel Medicine Fees

Travel Advice (1)                                                        $70.00 

Travel Advice (2)                                                        $130.00 

Travel Advice  (3-4)                                                   $150.00 

Travel Advice (4                                                         $170.00 

Travel Advice (5 or more each)                                  $40.00 

Travel Injection 1st injection covered in visit

Follow up (limited)                                                   $25.00 

Yellowfever                                                               $200.00 

Hep A (Havrix 1440)                                                   $40.00 

Hep A (Avaxim)                                                          $40.00 

HeP A Jr (Havrix 720)                                                  $40.00 

Hep B (Engerix B Jr)                                                  $40.00 

Hep B (Engerix B)                                                      $40.00 

Hep B Jr (Recombivax Jr)                                          $40.00 

Hep B (Recombivax)                                                  $40.00 

Twinrix Adult                                                             $40.00 

Twinrix Jr                                                                  $40.00 

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